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Celebratory QnA-

Posted by zeeteem - August 8th, 2022

-for accumulating 200 fans..

Feel free to ask me anything about me, my creating process, oc’s, etc.




How to bomb Russia I been trying to figure out how to do it

Dunno.. perhaps lots of money and power?

@ZeeTeem I guess I got to infiltrate a Military Army to gain a bomb

Why bomb Russia, tho? They haven’t done anything to us

@ZeeTeem I know but they have done enough sins already

That will only cause a chain reaction of senseless chaos and destruction

@ZeeTeem I already made a lot of Chaos already by bombing Korea


@ZeeTeem uhh there something wrong with Dani it looks like they are talking to themselves

Oh no..

@ZeeTeem if you check their post then check the comments it looks like they are talking to themselves

Yea, I saw

Can you 29$-3%-8'4-2#8+34"+&5-+$(#(jsjwuwúquüß

I don’t.. think so?

@ZeeTeem wait is Kimi gone? She isn't in my friends list anymore

Yea, they quit NG a few days ago..

Check out this guy’s post about it


Where’d you get the idea for your oc?

How did you come up with your art style/new art style?

I’m not quite sure where I got the angularity from..

but the thick outlines and vibrant colors were inspired by FNF, the expressions were inspired by BFB and JaidenAnimations..

Oh! And typically I like to give the backgrounds a less vibrant or darker theme to contrast with bright characters.

@ZeeTeem Damn.....:(

@ZeeTeem ohhhhhh, that’s cool, I got my inspiration from seeing animations and Animation memers and art from everywhere.

But my style?
From Pinterest

Is poopooawsomeman the coolest kid in town?


before i ask tha good questions, how you,ve been my guy?

Half n half— mah folks are goin through some bs, but.. I’m try to keep my mind off it, yk?

Alright, I have a list lol
1. Opinion Of Spook?
2. What inspired you to Join Newgrounds?
3. Have you ever Committed War Crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

1. Spook is kinda dope.

2. I initially joined NG last year cuz I wanted to check out FNF and see what the hype was all about.. never woulda guessed I’d become somewhat relevant on here tho lol

3. Sadly, no..

@ZeeTeem oh.... i feel you man and congrats for hitting 200 brudda! =D

Thank you mah boi

Why so dumb


But in all Bunkum seriousness of questions, how much blue Gatorade do you think you could drink before you eventually throw up all over the floor and create a mess causing an inconvenience for everyone and you having to clean it up causing yourself a bigger inconvenience and later that day you will think about what decisions brought you to this moment

I couldn’t throw up— I love Gatorade

1: What inspired you to make art?
2: What things influenced your art style?
3: Will you get into animation?
4: Why do you make suggestive art? (Not saying that's a bad thing.)

1. I have always been drawing SOMETHING ever since I was but a fetus.. but, I’d say looking at artists on NG and Twitter subconsciously inspired me to start drawing digitally.

2. I’ve answered that question responding to Spook.

3. Yes, I will get back to animation, as soon as I convince my mom to purchase this cool new animation app.

4. Ever since I saw those 15+ animation memes a while back, I’ve just been obsessed with “h0t” stuff..

can you do a flip?


But only on the bed-

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